Every day in April, the Center will be sharing testimonials from different people in West Virginia related to advance care planning for National Health Care Decisions Day.

As videos and stories are released daily, this list will be updated in reverse chronological order with the most current stories.


  • "It is wonderful to have the WV e-Directive Registry, the nation’s most comprehensive database of its kind, within our own home state of West Virginia.  This registry not only makes it easier to file one’s own wishes for medical care, but it also allows these wishes to be easily accessible so that health care providers can assure the person’s medical preferences are met even when that person can no longer speak for themselves."

    • Megan McDougal, MS, RHIA, CHTS-IM

    • Assistant Professor, Health Informatics/Information Management, West Virginia University

  • Video from Dr. James "Tim" Barry, President of Alderson Broaddus University: https://youtu.be/KUMMY4qhkX8 

  • "End of life decisions and discussions are always difficult, but they are even more difficult in the "heat of the moment" (when my patients are rapidly nearing the end of their life).  I have had numerous end of life situations during my 25 year health care career, and one thing that stands out to me is what a gift it is to the surviving family members to be confident that their loved one's wishes were being honored.

    My advice to all is not to wait to have these discussions with your loved ones."

    • Orton C. Armstrong, MD

    • Garfield Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, Parkersburg, WV

  • Video from Dr. Clay Marsh, VP and Executive Director for WVU Health Sciences and COVID Czar: https://youtu.be/Zeiv0LYNk5c

  • "As a hospital social worker, I educate and assist patients in completing advance directives on a daily basis. Advance directives give patients and their families peace of mind knowing that the patient has documented his/her decision makers and wishes.  Additionally, the WV Registry is a wonderful resource for hospitals and providers to have real-time access to patients advance directives."

    • Katie Prescott

    • Social Worker, Ruby Memorial Hospital - Care Management

  • "What a great resource for hospital systems in the state of West Virginia.  Through the WVHIN platform, the ease of access to the WV e-Directive Registry provides real-time availability for patients advance directives resulting in best patient care outcomes."

    • Maggie Philips, RN, BSN, MHA, ACM-RN, CMAC

    • Director of Care Management, Thomas Health - South Charleston, WV

  • "The pandemic has created more anxiety and grief for those with serious illness and their families, and some have been brought suddenly to the brink of death by the virus.  It's never too soon to talk to your doctor about your end of life preferences."

    • Chris Zinn, RN, BSN, MSc

    • Executive Director, Hospice Council of West Virginia

  • Introducing the Center's NHDD project: https://youtu.be/AZWFaMeSBgk