The West Virginia Center for End-of-Life Care through the WV Health Information Network established the WV e-Directive Registry. With the permission of patients or their legal agents, this electronic Registry houses and makes available to treating health care providers West Virginians’ advance directive forms, do not resuscitate (DNR) cards, and Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (POST) forms.  The Registry makes patients’ treatment wishes known to their physicians so that they can be respected.


Searching the Registry

WVHIN members can gain access to the Registry to search for documents by clicking the link below.  Please sign in through the "Access WVHIN Tools" box in the middle of the page.

Login to the WVHIN

Select the patient through the new Unified Landing Page (ULP).  The e-Directive Registry is listed to the left under "Advance Directives Vault"




Registry Quick-Reference Guide

The purpose of this document is to provide e-Directive Registry users with a basic quick reference guide to essential information necessary for navigating the Registry to access documents online via the WVHIN.



Submitting Forms to the Registry

You can submit your (or a patient’s) advance directive, do-not-resuscitate (DNR) card or Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (POST) form to the e-Directive Registry by FAXing your forms to 844-616-1415 or mailing them to PO Box 9022, 64 Medical Center Drive, Morgantown, WV 26506. If you have questions about the forms, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call us at 877-209-8086.


Revoking forms in the Registry

Patients can revoke advance directives placed in the e-Directive Registry by completing the e-Directive Registry Advance Directive Revocation form and submitting it to our offices.  This form is only for internal use on the Registry and will not be provided to treating health care professionals.  Therefore, it is important to express to patients the need to revoke these advance directives outside of the Registry as well.