Carl Spear testimonial photo

"As a funeral director, when asked about End-of-Life Care, I stress the importance of having a living will and medical power of attorney."
- Carl Spear

Dr. Ron Stollings testimonial photo

"My patients and family members are very relieved when I talk about the POST form and the concept of their wishes regarding end-of-life-care."
- Dr. Ron Stollings

Dr. Deborah Cotes testimonial photo

"Patients truly give their families a gift when they complete appropriate, detailed advance directives."
- Dr. Deborah Cotes

Vickie Douglas  testimonial photo

"Most people wish to die at home. Hospice can really help them."
- Vickie Douglas

Mary Jane Kerns  testimonial photo

"I feel we are doing a favor for our children because they don’t have to make these decisions."
- Mary Jane Kerns