Why Your Gift Matters

Thank you for considering supporting the West Virginia Center for End-of-Life Care.  Our Center's primary purpose is to serve West Virginians (and beyond) with their advance care planning needs for free.  YOU can help the Center continue serving West Virginians, health care clinicians, and families alike.

Support goes both ways.  In addition to the free support, resources, and education already provided, the WV Center for End-of-Life Care gives back through offering professional practice hours and volunteer opportunities to WVU students in health care related fields, collaboration with educational organizations to educate future leaders in health care fields, publication of research articles on advance care planning and common errors in health care related to advance care planning, and coordination with other educational and outreach events.

How You Can Support the Center


You can be the difference.  Because the Center provides resources for free, financial gifts can have a significant improvement on the Center.  The Center is a nonprofit organization and relies heavily on the generosity of people like you.  Previously, the Center was funded by the WV state legislature until it was removed from funding during budget cuts.  We are very thankful and lucky to be funded by West Virginia University (WVU) for one-third of our original budget.

We have many updates we want to do to better support you including:

  • a patient portal for the WV e-Directive Registry,
  • electronic form completion (including online notarization) and immediate submission to the Registry
  • personnel and operational costs not otherwise covered by our budget
    • When the Center was previously funded by the WV state legislature at 3x our current budget allotment, we could financially support 6 employees.  Currently, we can only financially support 1.5 employees.

Your donation will help us make those dreams reality.  Even small donations can have big impacts on the Center, allowing us to continue supporting the state for free.

Visit our official giving page at http://give.wvu.edu/wvendoflife


Communication is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans.  No matter how you communicate: in person, on the phone, video calls, letters, sign language, etc., your works matter.

Have you been positively impacted by the Center?  Have you experienced a tough situation in which advance care planning could have helped the situation?  Share your story.  Tell your loved ones.  You can help prepare your loved ones and provide them with resources (our Contact information) to protect their medical wishes.

You thoughts are important to more than just your loved ones.  Help others by writing reviews on Google (search "WV Center for End-of-Life Care") and Facebook page.


Did you know health care clinicians can learn from you?  Tell your health care clinicians about the Center and the WV e-Directive Registry.  This will encourage your health care clinicians to reach out to the Center for resources and help when they need it, including educational and training events.  By you collaborating with your health care clinicians, you will actually help many other individuals throughout the health care industry including individuals and loved ones.

You can be the difference in health care education and practice.  If you want information or resources to provide to your health care clinicians, contact the Center.

The Center is in dire need of state funding.  The Center, established in 2002 by the WV State Legislature, was funded by the state from 2002-2017.  Please consider contacting the Finance Committee Chair Eric Tarr and the Finance Committee Vice-Chair Dave Sypolt to encourage them to restore funding to the Center.  Read more in our Letter for Supporters and One Page Overview.



You can help your community.  Do you have an idea for an educational or outreach event in your area?  Contact the Center with your ideas and need.  We will work with you to schedule opportunities to help with advance care planning in your area.  You can improve your community's comfort in health care decision making.

The Center can help with:

  • Educational presentations
  • Advance directive form completion
  • Notarization
  • Frequently asked questions
  • And much more!

You can be the difference.  Your support will not go unnoticed.  Support the Center today.