Combined Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will

  • Can I combine my living will and medical power of attorney in one form?

Yes.  If you do not want CPR, feeding tubes, breathing machines, or other life-prolonging interventions if you become terminally ill or permanently unconscious, then you can use one document that combines both the living will and the medical power of attorney forms.

Of forms submitted to the WV e-Directive Registry, 32% are Combined Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will forms.  This is the most commonly submitted for of all form types.

  • Can I still make my own healthcare decisions once I have completed a combined form?

Yes.  Your combined form will does not take effect until you cannot make decisions for yourself. The living will portion of the combined form takes effect when you are terminally ill or permanently unconscious.  As long as you can make your own decisions, the form is NOT in effect.

  • Can any person create a combined form?

Yes. Any adult (including a mature or emancipated minor) who has the ability to make decisions for him or herself can complete a combined form.

  • Do I need a lawyer to create a combined form?

No.  A combined form can be completed without the help of a lawyer.

  • Will another state honor my combined form?

Laws differ somewhat from state to state, but in general, an individuals' expressed wishes will be honored. 

  • What should I do with my combined form after I sign it?

After your form is signed, witnessed, and notarized, keep the original document in a safe location where it can be easily found.  A photo copy of your combined form is legally valid. You are encouraged to send a copy of your combined form to the West Virginia e-Directive Registry


Download the Combined Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will