Surrogate Selection Checklist

If you have not designated a medical power of attorney (MPOA) representative through a MPOA, Combined MPOA and Living Will, or Mental Health Advance Directive form and you lose the ability to speak for yourself, your health care clinician will assign a representative to make medical decisions on your behalf.  This individual is your health care surrogate.

Health care surrogates are bound to the same rules as MPOA representatives:

  • All medical decisions should be made in accordance with your wishes or best interests (if your wishes are unknown).
  •  Your MPOA representative/health care surrogate cannot override your decisions when you have the ability to speak for yourself.

What is the main difference between a MPOA representative and a health care surrogate?

Your MPOA representative is chosen by you.  Your health care surrogate is chosen for you by your health care clinician.

At minimum, it is highly recommended that all individuals (age 18 and older including mature and emancipated minors) designate a MPOA representative through an advance directive.

Download the Surrogate Selection Checklist